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Sackville 24/11/2011 - 02:00PM

Live Broadcast: Public Lecture by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Shelia Watt-Cloutier

Hello Cinema Politica Sites!

There will be a public lecture by Inuk activist and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Shelia Watt-Cloutier in the lead up to the COP-17 climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. Watt-Cloutier is one of the foremost leaders in Inuit rights, being one of the first people to link the issue of climate change to human rights in her 2005 petition submitted on behalf of Inuit communities to the InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights. This lecture appears to be the only Canadian awareness events occurring around the COP-17 negotiations. Politicians, environmental activists, and many other notable people have been contacted to attend this lecture.

If other Cinema Politica networks are interested in holding screenings of this lecture, it is being broadcasted live via Isuma Productions on November 29th at 7 pm Atlantic Time. The footage will also be available to screen at other times for those unable to tune in during the live broadcast. For anyone interested in putting on a screening of this event, please see the attached press kit, which contains pre-made posters, a press release, and other information on COP-17.



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