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stjohns 29/09/2014 - 09:03AM

Cinema Politica St. John's partners with The Independent!

Cinema Politica St. John's is pleased to announce its new partnership with The Independent, Newfoundland and Labrador's main independent media outlet. We've had a strong and positive relationship with The Independent since CP St. John's was founded and it finally came time to make the courtship official. Publishing film reviews, articles on our inception and first year anniversary, and other material that promotes our screenings, The Independent has always been a strong supporter of Cinema Politica St. John's, and vice versa. Like Cinema Politica, The Independent aims to expose people to facts, stories, and ways of looking at the world that are not offered by mainstream or commercial media outlets. Without independent media, many of the issues and debates raised in Cinema Politica films would be ignored and forgotten. With an official partnership, Cinema Politica St. John's and The Independent will continue to raise questions, and seek answers, that often do not get the attention they deserve. We look forward to working with The Independent to change hearts, minds, politics, and the world. Follow The Independent on Facebook and Twitter.


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