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stockholm 23/04/2010 - 05:02PM

Cinema Politica Stockholm at Earth Week

Cinema Politica Stockholm screened two great films this week in conjunction with Earth Week at Stockholm University, an entire week devoted to environmental awareness and action. We screened Burma VJ on Monday followed by The Real Dirt on Farmer John on Wednesday. Burma VJ was a big success; we filled up nearly half of the room with people with a full complement of panelists who were extremely aware of the hardships within Burma today. Our partners for the evening were Amnesty International and the Burma Committee of Sweden. We booked a smaller room for The Real Dirt on Farmer John, and managed to have quite a few people show up. We're trying out a 6 p.m., Wednesday, start instead of a 7 p.m., Monday, start and it worked out alright. Our partner for the evening was the Open World Foundation and they introduced the film with a small 10-minute short about their project in Brazil. Farmer John was full of fun and people were laughing themselves crazy at some points.
Our next screening will be a local swedish/brazilian-made film called "It Is Sweden That Is Too Small" on Monday, April 26, at 19:00.


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