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trondheim 22/01/2010 - 05:09AM

First screening in Norway: 'Sex Slaves'

We had our first screening for CP Trondheim (Norway) yesterday, of the movie Sex Slaves. 15 people attended. Most of them we knew already, but there were some new faces. Not a bad start. Our auditorium seats 110, though, so we're considering moving to a more intimate venue; only 60 seats, and a flat floor.

Promotion was via our facebook group, the CP webpage, as well as waffle & flyer stands on both campuses. There were many requests for a printed program, so we're going to make that asap and distribute on screenings, stands and on our wall on campus.

When the credits faded out after the screening, our audience was pretty shellshocked, basically. We sensed the mood wasn't really conducive to a Q&A session, so we just had one of our members, who also heads up the local Amnesty student group, talk a bit about the work they do to combat trafficking, before letting them go. =)

Sex Slaves doesn't take a dispassionate bird's-eye view of the problem. Instead, it zooms in close, and shows us the horror and tragedy that the traffickers inflict on these people. It doesn't ever become exploitative. Sex Slaves is an immensely powerful documentary, and I still haven't shaken it. I definitely recommend this movie to any locals who haven't yet screened it.



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