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trondheim 05/09/2012 - 04:02AM

New season of screenings in Trondheim

As September is upon us, summer is officially over. The leaves are turning yellow and the evenings are getting darker. But with colder weather and rainy days comes excellent opportunities to stay indoors and indulge in films about the outside world. As tradition therefore, Cinema Politica Trondheim kick-started the new season in August with a promise of excellent documentaries and free organic tea. Our selections this semester consist of seven films and vary from the documentary telling the story of the latest generation of Israeli soldiers to object to military operations undertaken by their country in "Raised to be heroes" to a documentary addressing the issue of Christian fundamentalism in “Jesus Camp”. We have already started handing out our programs, and most of the students seems to be interested by our selections.

The season officially started, however, Wednesday the 29th of August in the usual auditorium at NTNU with the documentary from 1993 portraying the political life and ideas of Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned linguist, political activist and intellectual. Despite the almost 3hours of film, the attendance was very encouraging and we appreciated seeing such dedication on our premiere night. People seemed to enjoy Chomsky's ideas, and even though we did not have time for a discussion because of the long duration of the film, we got a small discussion going on our Facebook page the day after.

Next wednesday, the 12th of August, we are showing "Enemies of Happiness" - depicting Malala Joya's fight to be the first woman in the Afghan Parliament in 2005. We are hoping to get some one from Afghanistan to give a small talk about the situation in Afghanistan before the movie and lead the debate and discussion after the film. We are all very happy to start a new semester of Cinema Politica and we look forward to sharing our material with the students of Trondheim.


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