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uoft 15/11/2013 - 06:10PM

Roadmap to Resources

Hey folks!

Last week, Cinema Politica UofT had its most successful session this season with its showing of Roadmap to Apartheid. With the room filled to its maximum, we were able to connect with an enraptured crowd of folks from all across the University and the community to address this challenging film and the narratives around the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

As well, we had some great discussion following and a chance to inform attendees about groups on campus working along the lines of the film's narrative, along with our own Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions ad hoc Committee -- which is working on our Annual General Meeting mandated divestments campaign.

At the University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union and within CP UofT, we express our support for all diverse groups within our community and, indeed, for students who may find themselves torn due to background or belief, on these issues. For our part, with this film series, we look to raise challenging narratives on all issues that we can and we attempt to do so with respect to the diversity of the graduate student population of the University. Thankfully, at our event, all attendees were very respectful and discussions carried on afterwards positively. As well, I'd like to thank the audience members who translated portions of the film on the fly, due to a malfunction with our subtitles. It was super-helpful.

So, as with the last blog, i'm going to close with a campus resource that speaks to the perspective of the film:
Students Against Israeli Apartheid (UTSG | UTM)

As well, if you'd like more information on the UTGSU BDS ad hoc Committee, click the link below:
Link to BDS ad hoc Committee

Also, if you'd like a related but differing perspective on this issue, check out last year's UTGSU Lecture with Norman Finkelstein:
Link to Finkelstein Lecture

Finally some updates for CP UofT:

  • CP UofT will be launching a listserv and newsletter soon! We hope to have it fully operational for the second half of screenings this year.
  • CP UofT will be screening Consuming Kids next Thursday at 7:00 PM in the First Nations House Lounge. We look forward to having you join us! More information can be found on our main Cinema Politica page.

All the best,
- Brad Evoy, External Commissioner and Lead Organizer of Cinema Politica UofT.


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