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uppsala 21/04/2011 - 04:13PM

The historical first screening coming up for Cinema Politica Uppsala!

Wow, I'm so excited about our first screening on April 28, almost can't believe we have come so far!

I got the idea on starting Cinema Politica Uppsala around Christmas - a year before that (or something like that) I saw The Coca-Cola Case on Cinema Politica Stockholm and fell in love with the idea of screening independent political films. But as with most big projects, it is hard to imagine that you can be one of the people actually doing something yourself, especially when you haven't organized anything like it before... it's almost like your creating a distance between yourself and the go-getters you see on stage performing/making movies/screening movies/writing or whatever. Like those persons aren't mortal or never have a bad breath when they wake up in the morning.

So in other words: it has been a long way from December to April, but now we're finally here. I'm a bit disappointed we couldn't get any people to come for a debate (our Minister for Culture was too busy and a lecturer in street art needed to much money) but I guess we will have to see these first screenings before summer vacation as a first test. Hopefully enough people show up for a good debate anyway (and hopefully speaking English isn't a problem for people...). The first movie is Roadsworth, really looking forward to it.

Let's do this!

Kasper E,
Cinema Politica Uppsala


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