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yellowknife 27/02/2010 - 03:13AM

Coca-cola, murder and injustice - by Ben Morgan

Yellowknife's Cinema Politica presented The Coca-Cola Case for a one night viewing at Northern United Place, 7:30 p.m., on Wednesday February 17th. Special guest speaker, activist Ray Rogers joined the audience via Skype to provide an update on the situation and take questions from the audience of some 130 people. Below is an article by Ben Morgan.

Coca-cola, murder and injustice 

by Ben Morgan

Few products on earth command as much brand loyalty as Coca-Cola, the world's favorite soft drink. But could it be that behind that fizzy, bubbly sweet soda, lurks a blood-drenched history of kidnapping, murder, intimidation and torture? The Coca-Cola Case is a bone-chilling investigation that aims to expose an insidious link between the Coca-Cola corporation and paramilitary assassins responsible for the killings of hundreds of unions workers employed in
regions of the world where law and order are as stable as any mob war.

The Coca-Cola Case is a compelling documentary film that focuses on the efforts of labour-rights lawyers Daniel Kovalik and Terry Collingsworth as they try to bring justice to a desperate situation for a group of union workers in Columbia, Turkey and Guatemala. In one factory alone, eight consecutive union presidents have been assassinated. All efforts to find justice with local officials have reached a dead end. Ultimately, the legal team employ a two-hundred year old American law that permits cases be brought against U.S. companies by foreign nationals into the American justice system. Joining forces with American activist Ray Rogers, founder of, the team take their cause all the way to the United States House of Representatives where they discover that multinational corporations are a powerful lot, often with an upper hand where legal
matters are concerned. 

But despite their set-backs and many lessons learned along the way they push forward in a struggle that is as uncertain as it is dangerous. The Coca-Cola Case offers a glimpse
inside the high-stakes world of multinational business and the constant struggle between infectious greed and injustice; the empowered and the oppressed. The pervasive nature of corruption. Hope or fear.

Can a bottle of coke ever taste so sweet,again?


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