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// Documentary Futurism Program - Distribution

Documentary Futurism Program - Distribution


Documentary Futurism

Cinema Politica is proud to be the distributor of the 15 films part of the cutting-edge Documentary Futurism program. Below you can read about the project, learn about the films and importantly—book films from this genre-bending program for a screening in your community or at your festival/institution today!


How do we document that which has yet to occur? Cinema Politica’s Documentary Futurism project seeks to usher in a new kind of filmmaking that brings actuality into conversation with speculation, and realism with the imaginary. Taking inspiration from Afro-futurism, Indigenous futurism, speculative fiction and non-fiction, these 15 films inaugurate a new genre while deploying filmmaking approaches and contexts associated with documentary in order to imagine, speculate and represent future worlds.

To learn more, visit the official website of the project and watch the programme's trailer below.


a's'katikl awti'la's'katikl awti'l
Bretten Hannam / 2018 / 8' / L'nui'simk, with English subs
A pair of Mi’kmaw helpers travel the land, removing toxic remnants of the past.

Brishkay Ahmed / 2018 / 10' / Dari, with English subs
Sometime in the future, the women of Afghanistan rule.

Andrew Chiu / 2018 / 12' / English
150 years in the future, a Canadian refugee reflects on her escape and the new path she finds herself forced onto.

Mylène Augustin & Feven Ghebremariam / 2018 / 15’ / English, French, Pidgin, Atikamekw, with English subs
Invited to Tiohtià: ke, as a member of her country’s tribal council, Sam, an 18-year-old Cameroonian girl, traces the steps of her great-grandmother who lived in this northern land over a hundred years ago.

Taina Da Silva & Becca Redden / 2018 / 16’ / Anishinaabemowin, with English subs
150 years from now, two warrior siblings document their community, who survived climate change, and become the focus of an event that will change them forever.

Couleur du MomentCOULEUR DU MOMENT
Jeremy Sandor / 2018 / 15’ / English
A colour forecasting agency documents its human employees on their last day at the office.

Enhior:hén:ne (Tomorrow)ENHIOR:HÉN:NE [TOMORROW]
Roxann Whitebean / 2018 / 5’ / Mohawk, with English subs
Enhior'hén:ne explores Mohawks children's predictions about the state of mother earth 200 years into the future.

Here and MarsHERE AND MARS
Mariam Zaidi / 2017 / 7’ / English
JK is a 26 year-old astronaut selected to go on a mission to Mars in the year 2035. As she gets ready for her momentous day, she reflects on her past and the people who helped her get to where is she is now.

tobias c. van Veen  / 2018 / 25’ / No dialogue
Blending documentary techniques with surrealist and silent filmmaking, LOST ALIEN captures the Afrofuturist cosplay of ZiggZaggerZ the Bastard as a photosensitive black alien stranded on a sunlit planet.

Andréanne Germain / 2018 / 6’ / English
A teenager unwillingly deletes her best friend in this bittersweet coming of age story set in a world where augmented reality has gamified existence.

Lari Jalbert / 2018 / 20’ / English, French, with English subs
post_cunt, gender-hacks matter; a dance of monsters, of post genital focus, of playful prosthetic fluidity, of empowerment and consent.

Thirza Cuthand / 2018 / 13’ / English
After white people have left Earth for Mars, Indigenous people talk about their work reclaiming the lands and restoring the health of the planet and their communities.

Des SolitudesSOLITUDES
Marwen Tlili & Quentin Ducados Tayeb Hadji / 2018 / 18’ / French, with English subs
Solitudes, or how the artistic endeavours of some create a nightmare for others who are in the minority. 

The Universe According to Dan BuckleyTHE UNIVERSE ACCORDING TO DAN BUCKLEY
Roberto Santaguida / 2018 / 10’ / English
In the beginning, there was nothing—you can get nothing easily. 

Andrés Salas-Parra / 2018 / 20’ / French, with English subs
In a world with nothing left to mine, communication has become the main resource for humanity to exist. The challenge? To stay connected. 


Subtitles available upon request.


To obtain an educational or institutional license for DOCUMENTARY FUTURISM for an institution, click here and fill in the educational request form.



To book any or all of the Documentary Futurism films for a film festival, a grassroots screening or a community event, simply follow this link to our online booking form, or scroll to the bottom of this page where you'll find the form. We'll get back to you in a jiffy.


Vancouver, BC
- Feb. 1 - 7, 2020,
Hosted by Audain Gallery. (149 W Hastings St)
Select title: Reclamation

Auckland, New Zealand
- Nov. 22, 2019
, Hosted by BodyHaus Queer Strip Club. (145 Richmond St)
Select title: Post_Cunt

Portland, OR, USA
- Oct 11, 2019, 7:30 PM
, Hosted by Portland Unknown Film Festival (8371 N Interstate Ave)
Select title: Couleur Du Moment

Hamilton, ON
- Sept 27, 2019, 7:00 PM
, Hosted by Hamilton Arts Inc. (155 James Street North)
Select titles: Camfranglais, Aryana Resurrected, Breath Anew, Couleur du Moment, Here and Mars, The Ceremony, Reclamation, Couleur Du Moment

Manchester, VT, USA
- Sept 21, 2019
, Hosted by Equinox Mountain Environmental Film Festival (Levity Mountain, 128 Main Street)
Select title: Couleur Du Moment

Squamish, BC
- August 30, 2019
, Hosted by Squamish Arts Council. (2670 Stn. Main)
Select titles: Enhior'hén:ne (Tomorrow), a's'katikl awti'l, Aryana Resurrected, Camfranglais, The Ceremony, Lost Alien

Whistler, BC
- August 28, 2019
, Hosted by Point Artist Run Centre. (5678 Alta Lake Rd.)
Select title: Lost Alien

Charlettown, PEI
- June 1 - Sept 1, 2019
, Hosted by Confederation Centre Art Gallery. (145 Richmond St)
Select titles: a’s’katikl awti’l, The Universe According to Dan Buckley, Couleur Du Moment

Ottowa , ON
- July 26 & 27, 2019
, Hosted by Arts Court Theatre. (2 Daly Avenue, suite 240)
Select title: Couleur Du Moment

Gimli, MB
- July 24 - 28, 2019
, Hosted by Lady of the Lake Theatre. (145 Richmond St)
Select titles: Couleur Du Moment, Reclamation

Sackville, NB
- June 18, 2019
, Hosted by Faucet Media Arts Centre, Struts Gallery (7 Lorne Street)
Select titles: a’s’katikl awti’l, Breath Anew, Enhior:hén:ne, Nova, Reclamation, The Universe According to Dan Buckley

Saskatoon, SK
- June 14, 2019, 7PM
, PAVED Arts (424 20th Street W)
Select titles: Camfranglais, Nova, Reclamation, The Ceremony, Breath Anew, Solitudes, Couleur du Moment

Vancouver, BC
- June 7, 2019, VIVO Media Arts Centre, (2625 Kaslo St)
Select Titles: a’s’katikl awti’l, Breath Anew, Enhior:hén:ne, Nova, Reclamation, The Universe According to Dan Buckley

Cambridge, MA
- May 24, 2019, Hot Bits Queer Film Festival, Oberon, (16 Arrow St.)
Select Title: post_cunt

Rimouski, QC
- May 16, 2019
, Cinéma Paraloeil - Coop Paradis, (274 rue Michaud)
Select title: post_cunt (Presented before the feature film S’affranchir de l’image by Julien Boisvert)

Kingston, ON
- May 16, 2019
, Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Presented with support from Ontario Arts Council, (130 Johnson Street)
Select titles: Aryana Resurrected, Breath Anew, CAMFRANGLAIS, Enhior’hén:ne, NOVA, The Ceremony, We Might Have Been Heroes

Rome, IT
- April 28 & 30, 2019, 11PM, Hacker Porn Film Festival, Trenta Formiche Social Club, (Via del Mandrione 3). 
Select titles: Post_cunt

Rimouski, QC
- April 11, 2019
, Cinéma Paraloeil - Coop Paradis, (274 rue Michaud)
Select title: Enhior'hén:'ne (Presented before the feature film La Terre vue du coeur by Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol)

Squamish, BC
- March 30, 2019
, Our_Futures Conference, Quest University, (3200 University Blvd)
Select titles: Reclamation, Camfranglais, The Ceremony, Lost Alien, Enhior'hén:ne, a's'katikl awti'l, Nova, Couleur du Moment, Post_cunt

Montreal, QC
- March 2, 2019, 7:15PM
, Rendez-vous Quebec Cinema, Cinémathèque québécoise, (335 de Maisonneuve E)
Select titles: Camfranglais, Des Solitudes, Couleur du Moment, Enhior'hén:'ne, Nous aurions pu être des héros, Post-cunt

Sudbury, ON
- March 1, 2019, 7:15PM
, Junction North International Documentary Film Festival, Sudbury Indie Cinema, (162 MacKenzie St)
Select titles: Couleur du Moment, Enhior'hén:'ne, Here and Mars, We Might Have Been Heroes, Nova

Winnipeg, MB
- Feb 21-24, 2019,
Afro Prairie Film Festival, Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque, (304 - 100 Arthur Street)
Select titles: Camfranglais, Lost Alien

Halifax, NS
- Feb 2, 2019, 1PM
, Halifax Public Libraries, AFCOOP & Regent Park Film Festival, Central Library, (5440 Spring Garden Rd)
Select titles: a's'katikl awti’l, Aryana Resurrected, Breath Anew, Camfranglais, The Ceremony, Couleur du Moment, Enhior:hén:ne [Tomorrow], Here and Mars, Lost Alien, Nova, Reclamation, The Universe According to Dan Buckley, We Might Have Been Heroes

Toronto, ON
- Jan 31, 2019, OPIRG York, WUSC-Keele, Presented with support from Ontario Arts Council, York Lanes, (80 York Boulevard, Room 280N)
Select Titles: Aryana Resurrected, Breath Anew, Camfranglais, Here and Mars, We Might Have Been Heroes

Toronto, ON
- Jan 29, 2019, OPIRG York, Presented with support from Ontario Arts Council, Nat Taylor Cinema, (N102 Ross Building - North, Campus Walk)
Select Titles: a's'katikl awti’l, The Ceremony, Enhior:hén:ne [Tomorrow], Reclamation, Solitudes

Ottawa, ON
- Nov 30, 2018, 6:30PM
, SAW Video & Media Arts Centre, Presented with support from Ontario Arts Council, SAW Video / Knot Project Space, (2 Daly Ave)
Select titles: Aryana Resurrected, Camfranglais, Couleur du Moment, Enhio'hén:'ne [TOMORROW], Here and Mars, NOVA

Ottawa, ON
- Nov 29, 2018, 6:30PM
, SAW Video & Media Arts Centre, Presented with support from Ontario Arts Council, SAW Video / Knot Project Space, (2 Daly Ave)
Select title: We Might Have Been Heroes

Montreal, QC
- Nov 28, 2018, 6:30PM
, Cinémathèque Québécoise, (335 blvd de Maisonneuve E)
All titles

Montreal, QC
- Nov 22, 2018, 6PM
, QPIRG Concordia & Le Frigo Vert, Native Friendship Centre of Montreal, (2001 St-Laurent blvd)
Select title: Reclamation

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
- Nov 4, 2018, 8:20PM
, Las Vegas Queer Arts Film Festival, Eclipse Theatres, (814 S 3rd St.)
Select title: Post-cunt

Thunder Bay, ON
- Oct 26, 2018, 7PM
, RiVAL: the ReImagining Value Action Lab, Presented with support from Ontario Arts Council, The Hub Bazaar, (507 Victoria Ave East)
Select titles: The Ceremony, NOVA, Reclamation, The Universe According to Dan Buckley, a's'katikl awti'l, We Might Have Been Heroes

Kitchener, ON
- Oct 21, 2018, 4PM
, Rainbow Reels Queer Film Festival, Apollo Cinema, (1414 Ontario St. North)
Select title: Reclamation

Toronto, ON
- Sept 29, 2018, 7PM
, Pleasure Dome, Presented with support from Ontario Arts Council, Innis Town Hall, (2 Sussex Avenue)
Select titles: The Universe According the Dan Buckley, Camfranglais, Nova, Breath Anew, Aryana Resurrected, Post_cunt, Couleur du Moment

Montreal, QC
- Sept 13, 2018, 7PM
, Program launch at the Cinémathèque québécoise, (335 de Maisonneuve West)
All titles



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