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// Films // СВЕЩЕНА ВОДА: СТЕНДИНГ РОК 1 (Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part 1)

СВЕЩЕНА ВОДА: СТЕНДИНГ РОК 1 (Sacred Water: Standing Rock Part 1)

Michelle Latimer / Canada / 2017 / 44 ' / English / S.T. Bulgarian


Мишел Латимър
Жарет Мартино
С участието на: Сарейн Фокс
Оператор: Киараш Садих, Кристофър Яп

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A careful, considerate and compassionate portrayal of the Water Protector’s camp at Standing Rock.


Хората от сиукския резерват Стендинг Рок в Северна и Южна Дакота се борят да спрат прокарването на тръбопровод през земите на техните предци. Тръбопроводът Dacota Access ще премине през четири щата, разделяйки свещени земи и гробища. Хората от племето се страхуват, че река Мисури може да бъде замърсена и така да се разпространят болести из сиуксите. Природозащитниците обаче са много и се противопоставят на тези планове, за да запазят начина на живот за бъдещите поколения и за да спасят свещените си земи.


The people of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation of North and South Dakota are fighting to stop a pipeline from being built on their ancestral homeland. The Dakota Access Pipeline would snake its way across four states, bisecting sacred Indigenous sites and burial grounds along the route. The tribe fears that a leak could contaminate the Missouri River and spell disaster for the Great Sioux Nation. But water protectors are standing up in unprecedented numbers to preserve their way of life for future generations and to defend their sacred water.

SACRED WATER is part of a compelling 8 part documentary series called RISE for Viceland showcasing the global Indigenous movement across the Americas which are rising up to protect their ancestral homelands and the environment. A timely look at Indigenous activism and the impacts of colonization, SACRED WATER showcases candid interviews, historical context, and a moving soundtrack. This film delivers profound insight into the struggles around protecting sacred lands and waters which are happening in many places today.


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