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Dylan Valley / South Africa / 2010 / 52 ' / English - Afrikaans / S.T. English


Khalid Shamis

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Best South African Documentary - Cape Winelands Festival 2011

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Telling the unknown history of a language


In his debut documentary, Afrikaaps, Dylan Valley explores the untold Creole history of Afrikaans, using what he knows best: HipHop, humour and personal perspective. The film follows a group of local artists creating the stage production, AFRIKAAPS, as they trace the true roots of Afrikaans to slaves in the Cape. It features the musical greats, Jitsvinger, Kyle Shepard, Emile (black noise), Moenier Parker, Shane Cooper, Blaq Pearl, the powerhouse b-boy, Bliksemstraal, and the poetic genius of Jethro Louw.  The film reclaims and liberates Afrikaans from its reputation as the language of the oppressor, taking it back to the people who own it.

Dylan Valley studied Film and Media at the University of Cape Town and interned for 2 months at E-TV news. As his final research project in 2005 he directed a 10 minutes documentary on the history and current tensions in the Cape capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) scene. Under his trademark Be Phat Motel Dylan is currently developing the documentary Incarcertaed Knowledge along with Producer Lauren Groenewald from Plexus Films.


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