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The Art of Resistance

Alexandra Guité / Canada / 2007 / 61 ' / Spanish / S.T. English


Andrea Yannino & Christopher Hills-Wright
Federico Dufau & Alexandra Guité
François Senneville
Emmanuel Madan
Ariel Copello
Jesica Suarez
Marcelo Galluzo
Diego S. Vainer
Alexandra Guité
Research: Alexandra Guité
Closing song: Surcos de Amor by Angela Tormey

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A documentary about political art and cultural resistance in post-2001 Argentina


Argentina’s troubled history, culminating in the major crisis of 2001, has seen the rise of a wave of original artistic and cultural expression. The documentary The Art of Resistance introduces us to several creators and artist collectives who use artistic expression as a means to deliver powerful social statements, explore unbridled creativity, and participate actively in constructing a new reality. The Art of Resistance is an inventive treatment of these artists’ responses to the critical situations they are living. Born in a climate of urgency, their creativity is without boundaries, their strategies constantly renewed. The 85-year-old visual artist León Ferrari launches a vigorous national debate by denouncing the Catholic Church’s dark underside, factories open their doors to artists who conceive performances among the workers, patients at a psychiatric asylum join together to form an artistic front and charismatic actor Julio Arrieta makes a movie about the extraterrestrial invasion of his shantytown.

The Art of Resistance is a penetrating portrait of the artistic and political methods of cultural resistance in Argentina. The film follows these inspiring and revolutionary characters as they struggle to meet the challenges of economic and cultural disintegration and critically examine proposed solutions to the problems of the day. It illustrates humanity’s profound capacity for creativity and resilience in the face of adversity. The spectator is invited to witness inspiring examples of this potential as they unfurl against the backdrop of Argentina’s ongoing crisis.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: I have always been attracted by the transformative potential of art, both on personal and social levels. That is why when visiting Buenos Aires during the eruption of the crisis in 2001, I was deeply touched by the country’s hard history and especially the passionate reaction of its people. Innovative and original responses abound. In Argentina, artistic flame often goes hand in hand with political engagement. Direct action, political art and the deep alliance between the art world and social demands are both powerful and fascinating To capture that vibrancy, we filmed more than 100 hours of footage of what was happening culturally and politically in the city. Needless to say it was intense. Charismatic people such as Julio Arrieta who carries out wild film projects in the shantytown and more renowned controversial artist León Ferrari gave a voice to this film. The Art of Resistance has collected that inspiring creative spark. It shows not only how people struggle and reclaim their dignity but also how art can be used to that effect, be it on the streets, in cultural centers, factories or asylums.


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