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Art War

Marco Wilms / Germany / 2013 / 87 ' / Arabic - English - German


Stephan Talneau
Marco Wilms, Abdelrhman Zin Eldin, Emanuele Ira, Bashir Mohamed Wagih & Ali Khaled
Mohamed Kahled
Marlen Burghardt & Marco Wilms

Awards & Festivals

Prix Telerama: FIPA Biarritz 2014
Honorary Mention: Amnesty International 2014
Winner: Gilda Vieira De Mello Prize: FIFDH Geneva 2014
Honorary Mention: Dok Leipzig 2013

Upcoming Screenings

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In Production

Graffiti, rap, street art and electro pop provide an enthralling, evocative and multi-layered mise-en-scène to the Egyptian revolution.


Art is a weapon! This motto still holds true in Cairo. After 30 years of autocracy, President Mubarak was swept away by his people. Now the street belongs to them, the young rebels and artists. Graffiti sprayers and painters make the walls speak. They recount the days of fighting in blood-smeared portraits, the time of anarchy in wild collages, the attempts at liberating themselves from a suppressed sexuality in obscene pictures. Walls become a chronicle of the rush of events; electro pop and hip hop supply a thrilling soundtrack. Euphoria is followed by overpainting and destruction. Snipers are at work, aiming at the protesters’ eyes. The revolution is no more romantic than this underground art, whose aim is to provoke and take risks, is accommodating.


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