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// Films // Ayiti Toma, in the Land of the Living

Ayiti Toma, in the Land of the Living

Joseph Hillel / Canada / 2013 / 81 ' / French - English - Haitian Creole / S.T. English


Heidi Haines & Arto Paragamian
Joseph Hillel
Nicolas Canniccioni & Benoit Aquin
Étienne Côté-Palluck
Joseph Hillel
Guy-Marie Jean-Louis
Jean-Paul Vialard
Jowee Omicil
Michel Ouellette & Joseph Hillel
Ciné Qua Non Média inc.

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Awards & Festivals

Official Selection: African Diaspora International Film Festival, 2013
Official Selection: Rencontres Internationals du Documentaire de Montreal (RIDM), 2013

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In Production

A unique and culturally poignant doc that shines a different light on Haiti, ultimately providing the platform for Haitians to speak for themselves.


Beyond the Haiti that has overcome slavery, become a republic, fought off imperialism, faced natural disasters and sometimes even been the object of humanitarian aid, beyond the Haiti that imposes itself on our spirit, is Ayiti Toma. This documentary presents that other Ayiti, through the stories and commentary of Haitians themselves, aided by economists and historians, anthropologists and humanitarians, voodooists and young survivors in a working-class neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. All of them hope that Haiti’s “magical people” will finally be given the chance to make their unique culture the foundation for their future, creating a true “Ayiti Toma” – that is, the country that is ours, the country of the living.


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