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Behind the Mask

Shannon Keith / United States / 2006 / 72 ' / English


Shannon Keith

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Winner, Best Documentary. Independent Features Film Festival 2007
Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival 2007

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The story of the people who risk everything to save animals.


The Animal Liberation Front, comprised of clandestine animal rights activists, is now labeled the number one domestic terrorist threat by the FBI. Director Shannon Keith goes Behind the Mask and captures the hearts and souls of men and women who unveil their individual struggles for Animal Liberation.

Who are these animal liberationists and why do they believe that breaking the law is the best way to help animals? What inspires them to challenge the status quo, fight against all odds, and endure public reproach?

Behind the Mask exposes never-before-seen footage that reveals the extent to which these individuals will go to save the lives of animals.

People of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the globe, tell their tales of liberation, incarceration, sacrifice and determination, while exclusive underground footage reveals heart-thumping action sure to leave you wondering, who are these people...?


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