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// Films // Bevel Up: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing

National Film Board

Bevel Up: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing

Nettie Wild / Canada / 2008 / 40 ' / English - French


Michael Brockington
Kirk Tougas
Ian Kirby
Caleb Bouchard
Jeff Henschel
Jon Ritchie
Kirk Tougas
Fiona Gold, Juanita Maginley, Betsy Carson, Nettie Wild, Svend-Erik Eriksen & Rina Fraticelli
Original Concept: Caroline Brunt

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Awards & Festivals

2007, Winner, British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer's Award for Excellence in Public Health
2008, Winner, Entertainment Industry Council, Prism Award for Original DVD
2008, Winner, American Nursing Academy of Nursing Media Award
2008, Nomination, Notable Videos for Adults, National Library Association

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In Production

A doc about outreach nurses who administer healthcare on the streets of Vancouver's downtown Eastside.


Bevel Up: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing (Biseau vers le haut) is an educational kit (including a DVD, subtitled in French, with special features and a bilingual Teaching Guide) created to share knowledge not found in nursing schools and teaching hospitals. It shows how registered nurses working with the BC Centre for Disease Control's Street Nurse Program provide health care to the people living in the alleys and hotels of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Designed and produced by the street nurses themselves in collaboration with community members, Bevel Up offers instructors and students access to the experience of an entire community of health care practitioners who work with drug using populations. Bevel Up: Drugs, Users, and Outreach Nursing (Biseau vers le haut) is a co-production of the Street Nurse Program of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and the National Film Board of Canada with financial support from Health Canada and the BC Nurses Union. Created in collaboration with Canada Wild Productions Ltd.


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