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Be...Without Water

Rob Turgeon / Canada / 2011 / 43 ' / English


Jessy Lloyd

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Silver Wave Film Festival 2011

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Is it true that the multi-billion dollar corporations coming into New Brunswick are responsible corporate citizens?


About sixty families in Penobsquis near Sussex have wells that have gone dry, and now have to pay to have water. They are seeking compensation from Potash Corp. which, they believe, is responsible for their water loss. They have little hope of receiving anything from the multi-billion dollar corporation.
Twenty eight concerned citizen groups are demanding that at least a moratorium be placed on the billion-dollar shale gas industry operations until the “infant industry” methods can be proven to be safe. Citizens are worried about well water contamination, heavy industrialization of rural areas, increasing pollution, a decrease in the value of their homes, etc. When damage is done to their property, they fear that they will not receive any compensation, unless they are able to prove that the damage is the result of shale gas operations.

This documentary by filmmaker Rob Turgeon, looks at these two situations of people in conflict with big business in New Brunswick in 2010-2011.


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