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Binding Borders

Tiffany Hsiung / Canada / 2007 / 15 ' / English


Teresa Lam
Samuel Lam
Buck Moore
Michel Plourde
Annie Zhu

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Four stories about Canadian immigration.


This is a story that delves into the lives of four very different characters. Each of them reminisces about their lives before immigrating to Canada. By taking a trip down memory lane, each of their pasts is sewn into one present story through coincidence. The four characters merely acknowledge each others' presence through surface encounters, but never actually interact in a significant way. This represents the nature of strangers and how we simply pass each other by without much attention, not realizing the commonality we might share. With five different languages and symbolic coloring throughout the film, Binding Boarders represents the various cultures and ethnic backgrounds of our city that inevitably unifies all of us as one. The film intends to break down the ignorance that breeds prejudice and hate.


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