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// Films // The Burning Question: Why are Tibetans Turning to Self-immolation?

The Burning Question: Why are Tibetans Turning to Self-immolation?

Central Tibetan Administration / India / 2012 / 30 ' / English


Dhundup Gyalpo & Choyang Tharchin
Dhundup Gyalpo
Narrator: Kaydor Aukatsang

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This short documentary shows the backdrop and fundamental roots of the self-immolation of Tibetans.


Since 2009, about 51 Tibetans in Tibet have burnt themselves in the course of demanding liberty and the return of the Tibetan religious leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile.

The Department of Information and International Relations (DIIR) said the documentary would be very shortly released in both Tibetan and Chinese languages. Five hundred copies of the film in English had already been out. Dr. Sangay has held China answerable for failed policies in Tibet – he called it the self-immolation “political exploit” which are created on “political tyranny, social limitations, cultural incorporation and environmental devastation” – as original causes of the protests.

The film with all its uniqueness and depiction of realms which are taking place in Tibet and the reasons which are compelling the people to fight for their rights and morality, really an eye-opener to the world. If you really want to understand and feel the adversary the people are facing there, the movie is worth watching. It is a movie for all those who love to seek truth and have a heart to feel for the humans.

The film highlights that the Chinese government’s systematic despotism of Tibetan language and religion, and forced movement of migrant in Tibet – which are pushing an increasing of number of Tibetans to set themselves on flames.

Their anguish and desperate acts were regardless of warnings and requests from all the authorities, the people of Tibet never heard of them and no one could stop them by undergoing this painful and horrible act of self-immolation. The heartening history of the world and politicians to stand up and act to eradicate all such causes which make a human to end his/her life and stop it being wasted in vain.


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