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Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification

John de Graaf & Hana Jindrova / United States / 2006 / 60 ' / English


Evan Schiller
John de Graaf, Hana Jindrova & Chris Palmer
Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University's School of Communication

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A doc that looks at two major trade goods-timber and coffee-to understand how certification works and whether it works.


BUYER BE FAIR: THE PROMISE OF PRODUCT CERTIFICATION takes viewers to Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, the USA and Canada to explore how conscious consumers and businesses can use the market to promote social justice and environmental sustainability through product labeling, with a focus on Fair Trade coffee and Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. BUYER BE FAIR is an inspirational and balanced television special that reaches beyond the choir to present the promise of product certification to a wide audience. The Seattle WTO meetings and other trade gatherings have stirred powerful sentiment against globalization, but world trade is a juggernaut that will not be stopped. Still, is there a way to make free trade FAIR? How can retailers and consumers use their purchasing power and market choice to make the world better for people and the environment? What is the promise of product certification and labeling? And how do consumers decide whether the labels can be believed?


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