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Jon Jost / United States / 1970 / 6 ' / English


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Short landscape film observing a canyon at different times of day.


A fixed-shot time-lapse experiment utilizing a series of dissolves to make a familiar American landmark strange, Canyon was shot on 16mm in 1970 and displays Jost’s penchant for rendering the colors, contours, and hidden wonders of natural landscapes. Collapsing a day into five minutes, the piece witnesses the movement of shadows along the canyon ridges—an oily glacier receding and expanding over rock. The effect is akin to painting with film. Here the Grand Canyon is not a tourist mecca peppered by photo-snappers or the staging ground for artificial action, but the action itself. Jost captures a stoic timelessness of the earth even as time itself is foregrounded in the shifting light and dark that seep softly, inevitably, across the canyon. (Bill Fech)


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