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// Films // "Development" vs. Indigenous Communities

"Development" vs. Indigenous Communities

Iara Lee / Brazil / 2012 / 11 ' / Portuguese


Collin Ruffino & John Ayala
Pranav Behari
Altair Paixao
Cristian Fleming
George Gund
Caipirinha Productions
Production Coordinator: Claude Ibrahimoff

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This short deals with the disastrous environmental and human costs of huge hydroelectric dam projects.


In every corner of the world, we see unfathomably huge hydroelectric dams that destroy entire ecosystems and indigenous livelihoods. The notorious Three Gorges Dam in China has its rivals on all other continents, from the proposed Grand Inga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the James Bay Project in Canada. In these and many other examples, the results have been similar: thousands are displaced from their homes, species are going extinct, farmland is flooded and rendered useless, and water-borne diseases flourish. Despite the many alternatives to these projects and the potential for improving energy efficiency, the mega-dams of the 20th century are only growing bigger and more popular in the 21st.


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