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A Dream for Kabul

Philippe Baylaucq / Canada - Afghanistan / 2008 / 81 ' / Japanese - Persian / S.T. English


Dominique Sicotte
Philippe Baylaucq
Philippe Lavalette & Philippe Baylaucq
Researched: Philippe Baylaucq
Script Consultant: Iolande Cadrin Rossignol

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A father whose son died in the attacks on the World Trade Center decides to help the people of Afghanistan in the hope of ending the cycle of violence.


In 2001, Haruhiro Shiratori lost his only son in the World Trade Center attacks. But instead of isolating himself in grief, he decides to visit Afghanistan - to make contact with ordinary people in an attempt to end the cycle of violence. Over four years and across three continents, filmmaker Philippe Baylaucq accompanies this Japanese Don Quixote, documenting his quest to build a cultural centre for the children of Kabul.

Everywhere he goes, from Japan to America, preaching, persuading and relentlessly fundraising, Shiratori speaks about the suffering of Afghan children. The film charts his parallel efforts - to advance a humanist project that is beset with problems while seeking reconciliation with his dead son.


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