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Dream Listener

Karen Elaine Spencer / Canada / 2008 / 18 ' / English - Spanish / S.T. English


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A Montreal artist explores issues of homelessness through dreams on the street


"I wrote my dream on cardboard, went out into the street and held the cardboard dream in front of me. At the end of the day I abandoned the cardboard dream. Over the year one hundred and ninety-four dreams were written on cardboard and shared this way..."


The project dream listener was realized in association with the centre de recherche urbaine de montréal (crum,) homeless nation and the saint james drop-in centre. it was presented through dare-dare in montréal, québec whitewater gallery in north bay, ontario and le lobe in chicoutimi, québec. presentations were facilitated by galerie souffles, the saint james drop-in centre and l’état d’urgence.

The project on youtube is: dreamlissiner

An audio cd was produced in collaboration with crum: dream listener audiobook


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