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Dream Tower

Ron Mann / Canada / 1994 / 47 ' / English


Robert Kennedy
Ron Mann
Sean Kelly
Nicholas Stirling
Keith Elliot
Ron Mann, Sue Len Quon, Marc Glassman & Peter Starr

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A playful but incisive look at Toronto's notorious Rochdale College.


Rochdale College was one of the most controversial experiments ever to have taken place in Canada. Set up as a combined free university and student residence,

the eighteen-storey building in downtown Toronto opened in the fall of 1968--at the height of the hippie boom. What was intended to be a radical educational

institution rapidly became a meeting place for North America's burgeoning drug culture. With artists and educators jousting for position with motorcycle gangs

and dealers in the same high-rise, Rochdale became a focal point for the best and worst dreams of the Canadian generation of baby boomers.


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