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The Fourth World War

Rick Rowley / United States / 2003 / 78 ' / English / S.T. French - Spanish - German


Rick Rowley & Jacqueline Soohen
Rick Rowley & Jacqueline Soohen
Rick Rowley & Jacqueline Soohen
Narrator: Suheir Hammad

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Awards & Festivals

2003 International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam
2004 Santa Barbara Film Festival

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The war without a battlefield.


From the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, and the North; from Seattle to Genova, and the War on Terror in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq, The Fourth World War is the story of men and women around the world who resist being annihilated in this war. While our airwaves are crowded with talk of a new world war, narrated by generals and filmed from the noses of bombs, the human story of this global conflict remains untold. The Fourth World War brings together the images and voices of the war on the ground. It is a story of a war without end and of those who resist. The product of over two years of filming on the inside of movements on five continents, The Fourth World War is a film that would have been unimaginable at any other moment in history. Directed by the makers of This Is What Democracy Looks Like and Zapatista, produced through a global network of independent media and activist groups, it is a truly global film from our global movement.


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