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Gold Fever

JT Haines & Tommy Haines / United States - Canada / 2013 / 84 ' / Spanish - Mayan - English / S.T. English


Peter Majerle & Marcos Pérez
Peter Levin
Michael Kramer
Additional Photography: Alvaro Revenga & Grégory LaSalle
Consulting Producers: Sasha Waters Freyer, Kembrew McLeod, Matt Ehling & David Gould

Awards & Festivals

Official Selection: Environmental Film Festival at Yale, 2013
Official Selection: Muestra de Cine Internacional Memoria Verdad Justicia, Guatemala City, 2013
Official Selection: Minnesota/St. Paul International Film Festival, 2013
Official Selection: Independent Film Festival of Boston, 2013
Official Selection: Frederick Film Festival, 2013
Official Selection: Vancouver International Film Festival, 2013
Official Selection: SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival, 2013
Official Selection: Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos Bolivia, 2013
Official Selection: Montréal First People’s Festival, 2013

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A frightening vision of the world's insatiable hunger for gold.


On Wall Street, investors push gold prices to record highs, while in Guatemala, Goldcorp Inc. levels ancient mountains. GOLD FEVER witnesses the arrival of Goldcorp Inc to a remote Guatemalan village, San Miguel Ixtahuacán where a new mine now operates. Caught in the crosshairs of a global frenzy for gold, Diodora, Crisanta and Gregoria resist the threat to their ancestral lands in the face of grave consequences. Winner of the Rigoberta Menchú Grand Prix at the 2013 Montreal First Peoples Festival, Gold Fever is a hard-hitting documentary about the destructive and exploitative impacts of transnational mining. 


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