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Haunted Land

Mary Ellen Davis / Canada / 2002 / 74 ' / Spanish - French - Maya-Chuj / S.T. English


Sol Millan, Mary Ellen Davis & Michel Giroux
Mary Ellen Davis, Mateo Pablo, Daniel Hernandez-Salazar & Guillermo Escalon
Guillermo Escalon
Cristobal Urbina
Paul Gauthier
Stephen de Oliveira
Mary Ellen Davis
Still Photos: Daniel Hernandez-Salazar
Funded by: SODEC, CALQ, CIFVF, CIDA Productions

Awards & Festivals

Premio Lanza de Amaru Siona 2001
IV Festival Abya Yala de los Primeros Pueblos de las Americas
Quito, Ecuador (Festival de la Serpiente) - Honorable Mention 2002
Toronto Latino Film and Video Festival - L.A.S.A. Award of Merit in Film 2002
Latin American Studies Association, USA - Award for Best Documentary 2005
II Festival internacional de cine y derechos humanos, Madrid-Barcelona, Spain
Festivals: Ecuador, India, Hungary, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, South Africa, Finland, USA, Italy, Canada, Spain

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Filmmaker Mary Ellen Davis returned with Mateo Pablo to his homeland of Guatemala to witness the exhumation of the graves of his family killed by the army.


Two paths cross on a descent into Guatemala's past: that of Mateo Pablo, a Maya survivor of one of many massacres committed by local government troops, and Daniel Hernández-Salazar, a concerned Guatemalan artist and photographer. Together they travel to a remote site in the highlands where the community of Petanac once stood. The bones found there by archaeologists tell a mute story of agony. "A moving work, and a great testimony to break the silence about the genocide in Guatemala." - Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Nobel Peace Prize winner


Image credit: © Daniel Hernandez Salazar, for : "Haunted Land"


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