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Richard Desjardins & Robert Monderie / Canada / 2011 / 79 ' / English - French / S.T. English


Hélène Girard
Alain Dupras & Marc Gadoury
Claude Beaugrand
René Lussier
Colette Loumède & Maryse Chapdelaine

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A skewering analysis of the the ways in which Canadian mining companies have put profit before people and the environment.


"Don't know much about mines? Not many people do. Mines don't talk. Especially about their history."

Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie relate this history in their latest documentary, THE HOLE STORY, a documentary which continues in the same provocative vein as their earlier FOREST ALERT.

The history of mining in Canada is the story of astronomical profits made with disregard for the environment and human health. The story of nickel in Sudbury, silver in Cobalt, gold in Timmins, copper in Rouyn...Using striking images, rare archival footage, interviews and their trademark humorous social commentary, Desjardin and Monderie make their case against the way mining has been done in Canada with clarity and conviction.

THE HOLE STORY is a film that sounds the alarm about mining. In a country rich in mineral resources, mining companies have historically paid little tax, while local municipalities bear the financial burden of building andVmaintaining the roads they use to truck their wealth out to other countries. Some films are essential viewing - THE HOLE STORY is one of them.


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