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I Had an Abortion

Gillian Aldrich & Jennifer Baumgardner / United States / 2005 / 55 ' / English


Awards & Festivals

Ruth Lanfield Award for Social Justice, Fargo Film Festival
Hot Springs Documentary Int'l Film Festival
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), NY Boston University, Boston
MA Center for Reproductive Rights, NY Columbia University
NY Las Adelitas Political Action Committee, Albuquerque
NM Macalester College, St. Paul
MN Planned Parenthood New York City
Annual Roe Event, NY
Planned Parenthood Southern Finger Lakes, Corning, NY
The Emma Goldman Clinic, Iowa City, IA
The Feminist Majority Foundation
The National Coalition of Abortion Provider's Annual Conference

Upcoming Screenings

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In Production

A film that presents a look at women's experience with abortion.


Underneath the din of politicians posturing about "life" and "choice" and beyond the shouted slogans about murder and rights, there are real stories of real women who have had abortions. Each year in the US, 1.3 million abortions occur, but the topic is still so stigmatized it’s never discussed in polite company. Powerful, poignant, and fiercely honest, I HAD AN ABORTION tackles this taboo, featuring 10 women – including famed feminist Gloria Steinem – who candidly describe experiences spanning seven decades, from the years before Roe v. Wade to the present day. Filmmakers Jennifer Baumgardner (author of Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future) and Gillian Aldrich insightfully document how changing societal pressures have affected women’s choices and experiences. Cutting across age, race, class and religion, the film unfolds personal narratives with intimate interviews, archival footage, family photos and home movies. Arranged chronologically, the stories begin with Florence Rice, now 86, telling without regret about her abortion in the 1930s. Other women speaking out include Marion Banzhaf, who, inspired by both the Miss America protests and the Stonewall rebellion, fundraised on her campus to pay for her abortion, and Robin Ringleka-Kottke, who found herself pregnant as an 18-year-old pro-life Catholic. With heartfelt stories that are never sentimentalized, I HAD AN ABORTION personalizes what has become a vicious and abstract debate.


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