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The Invisible Nation

Richard Desjardins & Robert Monderie / Canada / 2007 / 91 ' / French / S.T. English


Dominic Rioual
Alain Dupras
Colette Loumède

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A sympathetic glimpse of a nation of 9,000 people who suffer in silence as the rest of us look the other way.


In 1999, Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie hit their mark with Forest Alert, a shocking documentary on the dubious practices of the logging industry. In The Invisible Nation, they again challenge perceptions by spotlighting the sad reality of the Algonquin of Quebec and bringing the history of this people to the screen for the first time.

The Algonquin once lived in harmony with the vast territory they occupied. This balance was upset when the Europeans arrived in the 16th century. Gradually, their Aboriginal traditions were undermined and their natural resources plundered. Today, barely 9,000 Algonquin are left. They live in about 10 communities, often enduring abject poverty and human rights abuses.

These Aboriginals are suffering the threat to their very existence in silence. Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie have decided to sound the alarm before it's too late.


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