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// Films // Land in Revolt: Impure Gold

Land in Revolt: Impure Gold

Fernando E. Solanas / Argentina / 2009 / 92 ' / Spanish / S.T. English


Fernando E. Solanas & Alberto Ponce
Fernando E. Solanas, Rino Pravato, Mauricio Minotti & A. Fernández Mouján
José Luis Díaz
Fernando E. Solanas, David Rodríguez & Alejandro Medina

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A breathtaking road trip exposing the power and greed of Canadian mining companies in Argentina.


Impure Gold is the first instalment of the environmental project by the ever-activist Argentine filmmaker Fernando Solanas tackling the plundering of underground resources and the ensuing contamination ending with Black Gold. Portraying stark reality full of scams, miseries, and corruption, Solanas targets the mining industry and open-air cyanide or explosives extraction of minerals and metals at the northeast of Argentina, and observes the reaction of the local public. The extraction of resources is not the only loot –royalties and taxes create another unjust wealth. Impure Gold is a film told by its protagonists: engineers, farmers, indigenes, environmentalists, inhabitants who resist.


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