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Last Chance

Paul Émile d’Entremont / Canada / 2012 / 84 ' / English - French - Arabic - Spanish / S.T. English


Patricia Tassinari
Paul Émile d’Entremont
Jean-Pierre St-Louis
Cory Rizos
Claude Fournier
Murielle Rioux-Poirier & Maryse Chapdelaine
Robert Chidiac (Arabic)
Michael Lasry, CNST (Spanish)
Diana Goudrouffe (Jamaican dialect)
Sound Recording: Olivier Léger
Executive Producer: Jacques Turgeon

Awards & Festivals

Official Selection, Atlantic Film Festival, 2012
Winner, La Vague/Léonard Forest award for best medium- or feature-length Acadian film, Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie, Moncton, New Brunswick

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In Production

An intimate look into the turbulent journeys of five people who flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence.


Their names are Trudi, Carlos, Jennifer, Zaki and Alvaro. They come from Jamaica, Colombia, Lebanon, Egypt and Nicaragua, and are seeking asylum in Canada because of their sexual orientation. The documentary Last Chance by Paul Émile d’Entremont retraces the turbulent journeys of five people who flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence. They face hurdles integrating into Canada, fear deportation and nervously await a decision that will change their lives forever. All five remain hopeful their adopted country will show them the compassion they deserve. 

Last Chance gives voice to sexual minorities around the world who refuse to deny their core identity. As the film follows the lives of gays and lesbians confronted with intolerance and rejection, it breaks the silence on the abuse and discrimination they suffer in societies that are deeply religious and bound by cultural codes like family honour. Trudi is a lesbian from Jamaica, a country where gay women are victims of corrective rape in an attempt to turn them straight. With help from a Canadian friend, she leaves behind her girlfriend and family to start life anew in Toronto. Carlos, a Colombian man with a son, kept his homosexuality secret in Colombia because of a strong social stigma that still exists against gays despite laws protecting them. After a stop in the United States, he comes to Canada, applies for humanitarian asylum and settles in Montreal. Jennifer, a Lebanese transsexual, faces rejection from her family and the hostile reaction of Lebanese society in order to live as a woman. Zaki is a young man who was jailed and tortured in Egypt for his homosexuality. Still scarred by this nightmare, he tries to get back on his feet in Montreal while coping with his loneliness. He misses his family deeply and is still attached to his culture despite the abuse he endured. Alvaro left Nicaragua as a teen and came to Canada after living illegally in Mexico and the United States. Though he has made a life for himself in Toronto, he is now at a crossroads: he is being held at an immigration detention centre and fears being sent back to Central America. 

As they fight for dignity and freedom and await their fate, these refugees are not alone. Friends, gay and lesbian associations, integration support groups, human rights lawyers and social workers mobilize to get their cases heard. Great efforts are made to help them draw up their refugee claims and prepare for their hearings with the Immigration and Refugee Board. All five hope to be granted Canadian citizenship so they can freely embrace their differences. Last Chance champions their cause as these proud men and women undertake the lengthy refugee claim process and strive to integrate into Canada. 


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