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Legend of the Storm

Roxann Whitebean / Canada / 2015 / 17 ' / English


Rebecca Lessard
Roxann Whitebean
Bogdan Stoica
Chris Leon
Mario Sevigny
Roxann Whitebean
Production Design: Donna Noonan
Cast: Noelani Jasmine Rourke, Stacy Huff, Courtney Rice, Keena Thunderblanket, Tylan Derochie-White, Iokennoron McComber, Darren Rice, Christine Montour

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When violence erupts in her community, Otsi:tsa, a young Mohawk girl, stands between her people and the might of colonial oppression.


Nine-year-old Otsí:tsa's innocence is destroyed when violence engulfs her community during the Oka Crisis, a 78-day standoff that erupted between the Mohawk Nation and the Canadian Government during the summer of 1990. Otsí:tsa, however, has something to prove - not only to herself, but to the world. She's a tough Mohawk girl who will not be defeated.


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