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Nowhere Else To Go

Michael Shade / Canada / 2014 / 36 ' / English


Michael Shade
Michael Shade

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This doc follows the chronology of the 2013 indigenous anti-fracking protests in New Brunswick from their early days up to the later violent clashes with police.


When the government of New Brunswick, Canada announced it would lease public land for natural gas exploration, indigenous anti-fracking protesters - who claim much of the province as their traditional territory - staged demonstrations with their supporters across the province and attempted to prevent gas companies from working. But when protests, acts of non-violent civil disobedience, and local anti-fracking legislation failed to change the provincial government's policy, some activists adopted more aggressive strategies.

NOWHERE ELSE TO GO follows the chronology of the protest from its early days in the summer of 2013 up to the violent clash between protesters and police in October. The story is one of many examples of emerging anti-resource extraction movements across the globe.


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