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// Films // Land and Hope Palestine Trilogy

Land and Hope Palestine Trilogy | Documentations in History

b.h. Yael / Canada / 2006 / 75 ' / Arabic - Hebrew / S.T. English


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A hope that the ‘sounds of peace’ may predominate.


With profound depth and grace these three, thematically related videos tell the tragic story of Palestine and dispel many myths. Deir Yassin Remembered deals with the past by focusing on a well-documented incident of the Nakba (Catastrophe, the Palestinian term for the takeover of their land in 1948) - the destruction of the thriving community of Deir Yassin. Even in the Desert explores the contemporary ramifications of the Israeli occupation – the displacements, checkpoints, surveillance, walls. And the final segment A Hot, Sandfilled World is a visual/auditory poem signifying, perhaps, hope for the future. What makes the whole experience particularly moving is that the reasonable, non-confrontational voices throughout are those of peace and social justice activists from every side – Israeli, Palestinian, and international.


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