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Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley

Jesse Freeston / Canada - Honduras / 2015 / 92 ' / English - Espanol / S.T. English - Espanol


Abraham Lifshitz
Billy Buntin
René Portillo
Stefan Christoff
Jesse Freeston & Diego Briceno

Awards & Festivals

Winner, Best Feature, Social Justice Film Festival, Seattle, 2015

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In Production

When a 21st century coup d'état ousts the only president they ever believed in, these farmers take over the plantations...with no plans to ever give them back.


The morning of June 28th, 2009. The people of Honduras are preparing to vote in their first-ever referendum. The proposition is to write a new constitution, and a ‘yes’ vote could dramatically transform the country. Three-quarters of Hondurans weren’t even alive the last time an elected government was overthrown in Central America, yet they awake to find soldiers everywhere and reports that President Manuel Zelaya has been kidnapped by the military.

A nation-wide movement, known simply as ‘The Resistance,’ rises in opposition. RESISTENCIA: THE FIGHT FOR THE AGUAN VALLEY follows the protagonists behind the most daring wing of the movement, the farmers of the Aguan Valley. Not satisfied with marching and blocking highways, the farmers take over the palm oil plantations of Miguel Facussé, the country’s largest landowner and a key player in the coup. The camera follows three members of the movement over the four-year period between their takeover of the plantations and the elections they hope will restore democracy.

The power of land is observed in both the transformation seen in the lives of those that take it, as well as in the violence unleashed by the man that loses it. For the first time in their lives, the farmers find themselves with no boss and plenty of fertile land on which to build their dream community. Meanwhile, roughly every two weeks a member of the movement is gunned-down by Facussé’s hitmen.

Looking for a long-term solution, many of the farmers join the Resistencia’s new political party. But are the same forces that overthrew the last elected president prepared to hand power back in an election?


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