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Shake Hands with the Devil

Peter Raymont / Canada / 2004 / 94 ' / English - French


Michèle Hozer
Roméo Dallaire
John Westheuser
Ao Loo
Daniel Pellerin
Russell Walker
Mark Korven
Peter Raymont & Kate Russell
Based on: "Shake Hands With the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda" (as Lt. Gen. Roméo Dallaire)
Featuring: Roméo Dallaire
Sound re-recording mixer: Jakob Thiesen
Transfer coordinator: Jason Lorr

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Awards & Festivals

2005 Winner, Banff Television Festival, Best Feature Length Documentary
2005 Winner, Banff Television Festival, Best Canadian Program
2005 Winner, Directors Guild of Canada, Outstanding Team Achievement in a Documentary (Peter Raymont)
2005 Winner, Gemini Awards, Best Picture Editing in a Documentary Program or Series
2005 Nominated, Gemini Awards, Best Direction in a Documentary Program
2005 Nominated, Gemini Awards, Best Photography in a Documentary Program or Series
2005 Nominated, Gemini Awards, Best Sound in an Information/Documentary Program or Series
2005 Winner, Philadelphia Film Festival, Best Documentary
2005 Winner, Sundance Film Festival, Audience Award
2005 Nominated, Sundance Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize

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The story of the Rwandan genocide, and of Roméo Dallaire, the Canadian General charged with keeping the peace.


The victims of that massacre - many horrifically hacked to death with machetes - were Tutsi, and moderate Hutus who supported them. One man was tasked by the United Nations with ensuring that peace was maintained in Rwanda - Canadian Lieutenant General Roméo Dallaire. But unsupported by U.N. headquarters and its Security Council far away in New York, Dallaire and his handful of soldiers were incapable of stopping the genocide. After ten years of mental torture, reliving the horrors daily and more than once attempting suicide, Roméo Dallaire has poured out his soul in an extraordinary book. Shake Hands With The Devil is a cri de coeur. The General pulls no punches in his condemnation of top UN officials, expedient Belgian policy makers and senior members of the Clinton administration who chose to do nothing as Dallaire pleaded for reinforcements and revised rules of engagement. Dallaire is convinced that, with a few thousand more troops and a mandate to act pre-emptively, he could have stopped the killings. His impotence, at a time of extreme crisis, preys on his conscience still. The experienced Canadian documentary production company, White Pine Pictures, secured the documentary rights to General Dallaire’s book and exclusive access to follow him during his first return trip to Rwanda, in April 2004 - the 10th anniversary of the genocide. We were there as he revisited the killing fields that haunt him. Shake Hands With The Devil is the most powerful documentary produced about the Rwandan genocide. Unflinching. Gut-wrenching. Challenging. Hard-hitting. This is appointment television for viewers throughout the world who care about human rights and international justice.


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