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Sipakapa is not for Sale

Álvaro Revenga / Guatemala / 2005 / 55 ' / Spanish / S.T. English


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Anaconda Award for Best Documentary, PRAIA, Bolivia and Ecuador, 2006
Best Documentary, Indigenous International Film and Video Festival, CLACPI, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2006

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The Sipakapan battle to preserve their autonomy from foreign commercial interests.


Montana Exploradora, subsidiary of the Canadian/US transnational company Glamis Gold, received 45 million US dollars in financing from the World Bank to exploit an open-pit gold mine in Sipakapa, Guatemala. In accordance with ILO Convention 169, a Community Consultation was held in this Maya region to establish whether the population would accept or reject mining exploitation in its territory. The result was a resounding "NO" to mining. Sipakapa Is Not For Sale analyses the debate on mining exploitation and demonstrates the dignity of the Sipakapan People as they fight to defend their autonomy in the face of encroaching neoliberal megaprojects.


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