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// Films // Tambogrande: Mangos, Murder, Mining

Tambogrande: Mangos, Murder, Mining

Ernesto Cabellos Damián & Stephanie Boyd / Canada / 2007 / 85 ' / Spanish / S.T. English

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Awards & Festivals

2008 Special Jury Award, Youth Jury Award and Audience Choice Award at the 10th Encounter of South American Film, Marseille, France
2008 Honorable Mention in Egypt's Festival of Spanish and Latin American film
2007 Special Jury Award at Brazil's Environmental Film Festival, Bahia
Trieste, Italy Jury Award
2007 Union Latina prize, awarded by special youth jury, 12th annual Festival of Latin American Film
2007 International Festival Dignity and Work (Poland)
2007 Festival Internacional de Cinema (Portugal)
2007 Green Film Festival International, Seoul, Korea
2007 One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Prague)
2006 International Documentary Film Festival (Amsterdam)

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How ordinary people can defeat government and corporate collusion


In 1999, the residents of Tambogrande, a small town in northern Peru, learned that the government had secretly granted mining concessions on their land to a multi-national corporation. The residents of Tambogrande organized The Defense Front to protect their town. The directors follow the Tambogrande residents' five-year-long struggle to thwart the Peruvian government's connivance with corporate plans that would despoil their land and destroy their livelihoods. The film traces the history of the region, including the pioneering efforts of mango farmer Godofredo Garcia Baca, the leader of the protest movement who, beginning in the mid-Sixties, had helped transform Peru's northern desert into an important agricultural region. Tambogrande also chronicles the changing nature of the protest movement, from its early, often violent protests and confrontations with police, to the rechanneling of their efforts into peaceful protest and political action, using popular culture and technology - everything from dance and music to the Internet - to publicize their cause and to force the government to allow a referendum on the issue.


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