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Arshad Khan / Canada / 2009 / 40 ' / English


Oliver Millar
Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan

Awards & Festivals

2008 Mumbai Film Festival
2008 Los Angles Artwalla Festival
2008 FILMI Film Festival, Toronto
2008 Mosaic Film Festival, Toronto

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In Production

A film about Canada's 'War on Terror' and the power of digital media


"Threadbare" epitomizes the power of digital media as it relates to freedom of expression and democracy. Arshad Khan, a concerned citizen, takes matters into his own hands when he realizes that the Media have remained silent regarding the atrocities carried out in Canada in the name of "National Security".

Using his own narrative, Khan takes us back to the summer of 2003, when 23 Pakistani and one Indian man were arrested by Canadian Police and Immigration under “Project Thread”-a purported anti-terror investigation. The charges crumbled under scrutiny and the men were quietly deported. “Threadbare” tells the story of how these seemingly harmless and unremarkable men spent two to five months in a maximum-security prison outside of Toronto and became the focus of Canada's notorious post-9/11 terror case.

“Threadbare” examines the idea of "security" and "citizenship" in a first world democracy in the Post-9/11 World order. The film goes beyond arbitrary detentions of innocents. It dares to offer insights into reasons for such hysteria and fear mongering. Khan leaves no avenues unexplored. In “Threadbare” he challenges the status quo and demands accountability not only from the Canadian authorities in general, but from the Muslim community in particular.

An interesting fact is that Wikileaks confirmed the information and the case that "Threadbare" makes.

The National Film Board of Canada presented a shorter version of the film in ten cities across Canada as part of it's "Measuring Security Measures" documentary film tour.


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