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A Veggie Meal

Stéphane Groleau & Sonia Delisle / Canada / 2007 / 38 ' / English


Stéphane Groleau & Sonia Delisle
Stéphane Groleau & Mathieu St-Jean
Stéphane Groleau
Anaelle Juaire

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How do our food choices have a direct influence on the environment?


Our food choices have a direct influence on the environment :  production, transportation, pollution, etc. Wanting to demystify vegetarianism and veganism, three young adults present their reflections and observations, and the motivations that brought them to make this short film. During breakfast, they present the fruits of their research. In interviews, dieticians, vegetarians, artists, and celebrities offer us their knowledge, their experience and their choices in terms of health, the environment and ethics.


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