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War Made Easy

Loretta Alper & Jeremy Earp / United States / 2007 / 73 ' / English


Peter Acker
Armadillo Media Group
John Van Eps
Leigh Philips
Loretta Alper, Andrew Killoy, Jeremy Earp, Sut Jhally & Jason Young
Motion Graphics: Andrew Killoy & Sweet & Fizzy
Narrated by: Sean Penn
Based on the book by: Norman Solomon

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Awards & Festivals

Mumbai International Film Festival International Film and Video Competition February 3-9, 2008
International Documentary Film Festival–Amsterdam Official Selection November 22 – December 2, 2007
Vancouver International Film Festival Official Selection September 27 – October 12, 2007 Montreal
International Film Festival Official Selection August 23 – September 3, 2007

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How presidents and pundits keep spinning us to death


A fast-paced and explosive expose of "government deception and media spin" that have sold war to Americans from Vietnam to Iraq. Intensive research, detailed examinations, and a keen eye for propaganda amount to War+Media 101.


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