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This is What Democracy Looks Like

Jill Friedberg & Rick Rowley / United States / 2000 / 72 ' / English - French - Spanish


Featuring: Noam Chomsky
Narrator: Michael Franti
Narrator: Susan Sarandon

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2001 Winner, Dahlonega International Film Festival, D.I.F.F. Jury Award

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An inpsiring story from the people who were on the ground at the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999


If you've ever been to any of the past demonstrations against globalization or if you are at all confused about which side is there to keep the peace, I strongly recommend this documentary. It exposes the truths behind protesting and how protesters are handled by the "authorities". Our media gives the people one view of what goes on at these major protests but this film definitely shows the truth. Here you have people from all walks of life (taking a risk even being out there) trying to spread awareness to others about what globalization is really doing to the rest of the world. As a Social activist I have seen first hand the injustices faced by those with a will to change; we do live in a democracy and demonstrations are our right but if you've ever been to one you will know that there is no democracy in the front lines, there is only war. Ironically, this is what anti-globalization activists are against but the brutality of the police and army make this hope unattainable. One day all will see- there is no democracy. Wealth and ignorance are the only things that will liberate you.


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