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Aude Leroux-Lévesque


Having graduated from the communications studies program at Concordia University in Montreal, Aude Leroux-Lévesque has always been fascinated by arts, cultures and languages. Thanks to her numerous volunteer and community work experience in Québec, Cuba, Lebanon and Bangladesh, Aude has developed a great sensibility towards social and international issues which she brings to light through the production of her documentaries. Arts being of her interests also, she has created short fiction films such as ‘Camille and the Musical Cherries ( 2007 ) which was awarded ‘Best Film’ at the Young cuts film festival. Today, Aude channels her energy in socially conscious media productions, continues to discover different cultures and counts on her volunteering to inspire her future projects. In the winter of 2009, she decided to return to Bangladesh with her partner Sébastien Rist to direct a documentary on the Hijras (transsexuals) of this traditional muslim country. ‘Call me Salma’ was produced by the french production company 'Upside Television'