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bloor 24/02/2014 - 01:04PM

Mars at Sunrise: Exceptional Fiction

Whie our main focus remains fixed on political documentary, once in a while a fiction work comes along that rips us out of our non-fiction world and compels us to engage. These are always exceptional works that combine an art and politics that provoke and play, jeering our sensibilities and surprising us with their creativity.

Once such film is Mars at Sunrise, the newest film to join the CP program. The film is a poetic rendering of the dreams, trials and tribulations of a Palestinian artist living under occupation, and an Israeli soldier grappling with his own politics and imagination.

The film's tagline is "A story of the war on imagination," and we think the film delivers on this promise, while delicately treating the confounding inerplay between death and life, cruelty and beauty, oppression and escape.

Mars is one of our favourite interpretations of the ongoing situation of the Palestinian people, and strikes a chord regarding both the political reality faced there, as well as the potential and promise—and limitations—of art.

CP is launching this inspiring work in Toronto for the Canadian premiere on March 4th at the Bloor Cinema. We'll have guest speakers, oodles of co-sponsors, and producer Nirah Shirazipour on hand for a discussion. You can find out more about that screening here.

To learn more about the creative non-profit that produced this film, and has plans to fund more art and experimental films from the region, check out Fajr Falestine Film Collective's page.

There is also a great review of the film on one of our co-sponsor's site, Art Threat, here.