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fredericton 21/02/2014 - 04:00PM

Cinema Politica Fredericton’s 2014 Interns, Part I: Sarah Kam

This year again, Cinema Politica Fredericton is pleased to be hosting two extraordinary interns from St. Thomas University (Fredericton). Both hail from a course on Human Rights. Cinema Politica is sharing these interns with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick, one of our collaborating groups in Fredericton. Cinema Politica Fredericton’s screenings are held every Friday in the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s Conserver House in downtown Fredericton.

Sarah Kam is a 2nd year student at St. Thomas University. She is planning to Major in Political Science and Human Rights and to continue on to law school after graduation.

Sarah hails from Burkina Faso, a small country located in West Africa. According to Sarah, “People from my country are very friendly and patriotic, but we love to learn about others' cultures.” Fredericton has a very small African community, but Sarah has not yet met anyone from her there. Despite this she in enjoying her time in New Brunswick’s capital: “I am happy to be in such a nice friendly community which I feel part of.”

Sarah is hoping to pursue a career as a lawyer and work with NGOs that defend human rights and take on evils such as human trafficking. She says: “As a child it has always been my dream to be able to help others whose rights are being violated and who are neglected by society. Hopefully my studies will lead me on the way to accomplish my dream.”

On the road to fulfilling her life plans, this coming summer, Sarah is looking forward to volunteering with Amnesty International and participating in some projects in an orphanage in Burkina Faso.

Sarah left off her introduction with her utopian wish: “If I was magic key, I would open all the cells in which innocent people are being detained and tortured without being given a voice.”

A few afternoons a week, Sarah has been helping with CP Fredericton's social media presence, putting up posters and doing other odd jobs during her internship. She is also behind the scenes on CP Fredericton’s Facebook Page. She is with CP Fredericton until April.