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fredericton 15/03/2014 - 05:19PM

Cinema Politica Fredericton’s 2014 Interns, Part II: Rubaina Singh

Cinema Politica Fredericton Intern Rubaina Singh is a transfer student from India who came to Fredericton recently in September 2013. She is a graduate in Law with a BA from India and is currently pursuing a Major in Criminology at St. Thomas University (STU) in Fredericton, NB. Rubaina is almost done her third year of her BA in Criminology, thanks to her transfer credits! She plans to go on to Law School after graduation and become a lawyer.

Before coming to Fredericton, Rubaina was an enthusiastic participant in NGOs and has already been volunteering and interning at various organizations in her home country. In Fredericton, she started volunteering with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and Cinema Politica Fredericton as part of a course on Human Rights.

In the past, Rubaina was an active member of her high school debating society and had been involved with her Student Council as President. She completed the Bronze level at Duke of Edinburgh Awards, a self-improvement program which focuses on volunteering, physical improvement, developing practical and social skills and personal interests, as well as adventure expeditions.

Internationally, Rubaina also participated in the 11th International Convention on Students' Quality Control
Circles (ICSQCC) held in August 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey, organized by the Peace and Quality Center (KALBEMER) with the collaboration of the World Council of Total Quality and Excellence in Education. The ICSQCC emphasizes “the need to empower the students so that they can find solutions to their problems, develop analytical skills, foster team work, channel their creative potentials and develop a win-win attitude in order to meet the demands of the new millennium.”

Since 2005, Rubaina has successfully completed Personality Development Camps organized by North West International College, India, and was awarded best story writing, best sketching in the field, best performance awards in intelligence test, yoga, dance, report writing and skit competitions.

Rubaina has attended conferences and workshops relating to the Law discipline and recently attended the East Coast Student Leadership Conference (ECSLC) at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. The ECSLC is “an opportunity for student leaders from across the East Coast to come together and share ideas, become inspired, and leave determined to make a difference on their on campus and/or in their community.”

Rubaina has also taken part in the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop at the World Performing Arts Festival 2006 held in Lahore, Pakistan. In her spare time, Rubaina likes to sketch, paint, dance, and go to the gym. She also enjoys going on hikes, treks, and experience adventures.

Rubaina brought her enthusiasm and drive to volunteering for Cinema Politica Fredericton and we wish her all the best for the future!