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fredericton 14/03/2013 - 04:00PM

Cinema Politica Fredericton presents Winter 2013 Intern: Halley Phillips

Halley Phillips has been the Cinema Politica Fredericton intern for the Winter 2013 session. She has been a great help with CP Fredericton's social media presence, putting up posters and other odd jobs. Halley has been the face behind CP Fredericton's improved Facebook presence.

Halley studies at St. Thomas University (Fredericton) and her internship is being done through one of her courses in Human Rights. Halley is hoping to Honour in Psychology and Major in Human Rights. She volunteers with all sorts of organizations such as Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, and of course, Cinema Politica Fredericton. Halley plans to continue on to graduate school after she graduates from STU and, if all goes well, to become a Psychologist.

In her spare time, she enjoys arts & crafts, scrap-booking, traveling, meeting new people, and singing. She would like it to be known that she is completely a dog person. One of her secrets is that she can play the ukelele but she tends to never tells people this because she can really only strum a few notes.

CP Fredericton will miss Halley next year since she has been accepted into a study abroad program and (lucky her!) will be studying abroad in the Republic of Malta in the Winter semester of 2014.