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network 20/01/2014 - 07:00PM

Anand Patwardhan Joins the CP Team

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Cinema Politica is honoured and thrilled to welcome the award-winning Indian filmmaker Anand Patwardhan to our Advisory Committee. 

Patwardhan has been making outstanding political documentaries for decades, and is a committed social justice activist in India.
His dedication to peace and to India's poor and marginalized communities is unrelenting, and Cinema Politica has been blessed to screen his latest opus, JAI BHIM COMRADE in recent months.
We are more than pleased that Patwardhan (pictured at right with Peter Wintonick at Sheffield) has agreed to take time out of his hectic schedule to join Tracey Deer, Sean Farnel, John Greyson, Sylvia Hamilton and b.h. Yeal on our Advisory Committee, and we look forward to working with him at a closer level in the coming months and years.
Video above: Patwardhan leads a discussion following a screning of JAI BHIM COMRADE at a Cinema Politica Concordia screening of the film in 2012.